Activities for Social & Environment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Thanachart Group is an organization that adheres to principles of corporate social responsibility both in their conduct of business affairs and their participation in other activities. The objectives are to help enhance the well-being of society and people living in communities and to protect the environment. In addition, our employees are encouraged to participate in CSR-related activities.


This type of CSR focuses on conducting business affairs with responsibility towards society. In this connection, Thanachart Group has been embracing the principles of corporate social responsibility for a long time. We treat all groups of stakeholders including shareholders, customers, consumers, and business counterparts in a fair and equitable manner. Recognizing the importance of good corporate governance, we also place strong emphasis on transparent and fair information disclosure. We regularly and continuously organize training activities for our staffs on the corporate governance with the support of Chulalongkorn University’s Continuing Education Center. As regards our employees, we have been taking good care of our staffs in the areas of remuneration, welfare benefits, and work environment. In addition, as part of its energy policy, Thanachart Group encourages the staffs to participate in activities aimed at saving electricity and using less paper. The objectives are to save energy and preserve the environment.

In 2010, many provinces in Thailand were hard hit by floods. Thanachart Group together with Siam City Bank launched several measures aimed at helping customers nationwide who were victims of the floods. The customers could request for delay in their repayments. As well, they could request for extension of their repayment period, with no change in the interest rate stipulated in the original loan agreements. They were also given waivers for late charges imposed on overdue debts as well as for fees charged for issuing reminding letters and default notices. Moreover, the customers having the established qualification standards could apply for “Thanachart FLASH Credit Cards” which would provide them with an emergency credit line to be used as a revolving fund.


This type of CSR covers corporate social responsibility activities undertaken in addition to those undertaken in the ordinary course of business. Thanachart Group had been involved in this type of activities for a long time. However, since the banking services become one of Thanachart Group’s main businesses with an extensive branch network nationwide, the corporate social responsibility activities have been divided to those undertaken by regional hubs (Hub CSR) and those by the center (Central CSR).

Hub CSR activities

The CSR activities undertaken by the regional hubs are based on the concept that each area’s social problems are different from the others. Moreover, Thanachart Group would like the staff of each regional hub to participate in the study of the problems and to propose activities to the center where the CSR Committee will consider and approve the proposals and the related budgets. The staffs of Thanachart Bank and member companies of Thanachart Group in each region will then proceed with the joint implementation of the approved CSR activities. In this connection, their customers, trading partners, and members of the general public living in the communities will also be invited to participate in these activities. As part of its support, Thanachart Group has defined a scope of social problems which serve as guidelines for activities to be undertaken by the regional hubs. These social problems could be divided into 3 main groups as follows:

  1. Development of the youth and the underprivileged,
  2. Public health and community sanitation, and
  3. Environment.

Moreover, there are also ad hoc CSR activities organized for the purpose of relieving community distress caused by natural disasters. The following are examples of the key CSR activities that have been continuously undertaken by Thanachart Bank’s regional hubs.