TCAP Corporate GovernanceThanachart Capital Public Company Limited ("the Company") Board of Directors has put in place written policy guidelines on corporate governance since 2003. The Board also conducts an annual review on corporate governance policies and the reporting process on business compliance with corporate governance principles of the Company, at least once per annum. The business ethics as well as codes of conduct for directors, executives, and staff have been improved in order to establish a framework for all personnel in the Company.

The Company has disclosed Corporate Governance Policy and Guide to Business Conduct on the Company’s website and Thanachart Group’s intranet system in order to communicate with staff of the Group at every level. In addition, Thanachart Group supports good corporate governance practices. It also instills in its staff the importance of both corporate governance and corporate social responsibility through its corporate policies and by offering a range of regular training and social activities for staff in the Group. To begin with, various training courses have been designed to include work practices which are based in morals, ethics, and the codes of professional conduct. In particular, the orientation course places emphasis on ensuring that new staff joining Thanachart Group recognize the s the importance of adhering to good corporate governance principles. In addition, to promote better access to training resources, E-learning applications have been made available to staff to provide them with more knowledge and better understanding to their work. Moreover, tests are organized annually to check employee understanding of the key components of their training. As well, the Company established a project entitled “Thanachart Can Do…Good Dharma & CG…Initiates and Fulfill Dharma”, by using videos as a tool to send messages to employees via Thanachart Group’s internal TV systems, namely “Thanachart Channel (T-Channel)”. The videos have been broadcasting at different times during the day, with the contents of the videos including the various activities whereby the employees practiced dharma, by thinking good thoughts and doing good deeds, as well as inculcating in themselves a sense of responsibility to one’s own duties. The major objective is to ensure that all employees in the organization understand good corporate governance and know how to put those principles into practice when appropriate.