Anti-Corruption Policy


Thanachart Capital Plc. (the Company!) realizes the harmful and obtrusive effects of corruption on social and economic development. In essence, it is a wrong business practice, which creates uneven playing field and could damage ethical reputation and competitiveness of the Company leading to rejection from domestic and international entities as well as a decline in confidence among shareholders, investors, and all stakeholders. The Company, thus, adheres to the principles of not providing any support to any enterprise, group of people, or person involved in exploitation, either directly or indirectly, abusing their power/ authorities. The Company has a clear direction to cooperate with and support government as well as private sectors. It, thus, formulates the Anti-Corruption Policy in accordance with regulators. guidelines and the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC)! as the key principles for directors, executives, and any employee to follow. Details are as seen below.