Mr. Tiraphot Vajrabhaya

Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Member of the Audit Committee (Independent Director)

Current position(s): -
Age: 61 years
Nationality: Thai
Educational qualifications:
- Master of Business Administration, Boston University, USA
- B.A in Economics and Commerce, University of Melbourne, Australia
Directorship and Executive Training Program (s):
Thai Institute of Directors Association
- Certificate, Director Accreditation Program (DAP) Class 4/2007
Holding directorship for (years): -
Position(s) in other listed companies: None
Position(s) in other companies: None
- Managing Director, T V V Enterprise Company Limited
- Director, USPN Company Limited
- Director, UVSP Company Limited
- Director, Thanu Chana Company Limited
Position(s) in companies whose business is related to the Company’s business: None
Position(s) in competitor(s): None
Work experience(s) in the past:
- Chairman, Shell Group in Thailand, Laos. Cambodia, and Vietnam and the Shell Company of Thailand
- Director and Member of the Audit Committee, Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited.
Current Legal Disputation: None
Shareholding in the Company (shares): None
Shareholding as compared to the total number of voting rights (percent): None
Work experience(s) in the past: None
Meeting attendance in 2013: None